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About us

Founded in

Based in
Paris, France

Developed by
PhD's and engineers
from the best french universities

Passionate about
AI and sport

Driven by
health, performance
and user experience

Our team

Antoine (PhD)
CEO & co-founder

Antoine graduated a PhD in computer vision from Telecom Paris (Institut Polytechnique de Paris) and a DeepTech start-up in March 2021 and then launched his entrepreneur carreer through Entrepreneur First program at Station F.
His passion for sport and AI led him to start developping Deeptimize in August 2021.

Guillaume (PhD)
CTO & co-founder

Data scientist
& AI researcher

Guillaume graduated a PhD in deep and reinforcement learning from Sorbonne University and Onera in November 2021.
His work includes two state-of-the-art methods for action spotting and activity detection for efficient data extraction from video.
In early 2022, Guillaume joined Deeptimize as co-founder and CTO, bringing deep knowledge in sport practice and artificial intelligence application.

Kevin is graduating from MVA master from Telecom Paris and ENS Cachan.
After only two months in Deeptimize, he already developed brand-new methods to achieve new state-of-the-art performance for sport movement capture in both 2D and 3D.

Our ambition

DEEPTIMIZE aims at gathering in a single product state-of-the-art AI methods for effiicient video analysis thus enabling any company around the world to develop, in the most simple, fast and automatic way, their own sport and health applications to deliver the very best experiences to their clients and customers.

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