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Our team

Antoine Pirovano (PhD)
CEO & co-founder

Antoine graduated with a PhD in computer vision from Telecom Paris (Institut Polytechnique de Paris) and a DeepTech start-up in March 2021 and then launched his entrepreneur career through Entrepreneur First program at Station F.
His passion for sport and AI led him to start developping Deeptimize in August 2021.

Kevin Giraldo

Data Scientist & AI Researcher,

After finishing his studies in Colombia, Kevin got the Eiffel scholarship which allowed him to do a master's degree at Télécom Paris, in his M2 Kevin started MVA, a master's degree recognized for its scientific depth in the world of AI. Currently he is applying his knowledge in AI as a data scientist and always learn a little more. I like to do bodybuilding and climbing.

Amine Azzouzi

Business / Communication

Guillaume Vaudaux-Ruth (PhD)
CTO & co-founder

Guillaume graduated with a PhD in deep and reinforcement learning from Sorbonne University and Onera in November 2021.
His work includes two state-of-the-art methods for action spotting and activity detection for efficient data extraction from video.
In early 2022, Guillaume joined Deeptimize as co-founder and CTO, bringing deep knowledge in sport practice and artificial intelligence application.

Bruno Paris

ML Engineer & AI in production

With an academic background in signal and video processing, and after 6 years of experience in both startups and established industries, Bruno brings his expertise in detection/tracking algorithms and software design to Deeptimize.


Data scientist intern


After graduating from the Royal Institute for the Training of Executives of Sports, Amine did his 1st Master's degree in ODTÜ, Türkiye, and then came to Paris for a 2nd Master's degree in Sports Business, currently he is doing an apprenticeship in communication and business. His passion for sport from an early age was always pushing him to serve the sport community.

Noé is an engineering student at IMT Atlantique school, currently doing his internship as a data scientist. Within Deeptimize, Noé is having the opportunity to apply his skills in deep learning. This experience allows him to explore and contribute to the ever-evolving world of artificial intelligence, while gaining valuable hands-on experience in the field of data science.

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