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Our Technologies

We developed two state-of-the-art artificial intelligence

algorithms accessible and directly integrable

in your product through our
online API


2D and 3D movement capture
(from a single video)

When it comes to dynamic movements,

Deeptimize defines a new

for movement capture with a single camera

Input video

3D motion captured
by "state-of-the-art" method

3D motion captured
by Deeptimize method

Our 2D pose estimation model improves by more than 10%
the performance obtained by previous state-of-the-art algorithms

on sport positions and movements.

AlphaPose estimation

Detectron estimation

Deeptimize 2D estimation


Action qualification and event spotting

When it comes to video analysis,

Deeptimize enable to
save a lot of time
and to focus on moments that matter

by automatically extracting and organizing what needs to be seen by experts

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